Collect data from anything to anywhere

1. Plug into computer
2. Connect device
3. Record Data !

Plastics One has developed a USB cable that encompasses a keyboard wedge. This cable transfers data directly from your instrument to your computer by using your computer's native HID platform. This is an all in one, no software needed, data transfer solution. No need to define parameters or ports; everything is already set. It is truly a Plug and Go solution.

We are able to tailor the smart cable to suit your specific data transfer needs. Take a look at the video that demonstrates the capability of an IMADA pull force gauge and various computers using our Plug and Go technology. Our engineering team would be happy to help you design a cable to capture your needs.

Human Method

Human RequiredRequires human interaction / zero automation
High RiskHigh risk of human error
Long TransferLong data transfer time (> 5 seconds)

Software Method

Needs SoftwareRequires expensive software
Platform SpecificWindows only / Not multi-platform
Requires MaintenenceTimely maintenance and software adjustments

Plug and Go Smart Cable

AutomaticCan run in full automation or user trigger
No RiskNo risk of human error
Fast TransferInstant data transfer time
No SoftwareZero software
Multi-platformMulti-platform (Pc / Mac / iOS / Android)
No MaintenenceNo software maintenance or adjustments